Stimulating Thought and New Artistic Direction with the combination of UFO Exhibition, Party & Symposium

It was an unusual combination of individuals from areas as diverse as the UFO enthusiasts, leading designers, and design student community will participate in a Hong Kong ’s first-ever UFO design exhibition. This exhibition is a unique event which does not only displays the UFO art work of designers and design students selected from the UFO Design Contest but also has invited Wan Hoi famous UFO Researcher and DJ along with Moon Fong President of the HK UFO club to hold a symposium. The UFO Exhibition Party is an unprecedented design event which breaks the traditional way of exhibition. This party was hold in a relaxing atmosphere in FINDS club in Lan Kwai Fong Hotel with the display of the outstanding UFO art works selected by a group of famous design practitioners and UFO researchers from the Visitors Extraterrestrial Design Contest held from Nov to Dec 2008. Wan Hoi and Moon Fong will disclose video clips of the official manifestation on UFO made by John Podesta, the White House Consultant of Obama and present some other findings and evidence of UFO in a role play to a group of designers and design students. The idea of this event is to bring individuals together from different backgrounds and inspire new strands of thought. Event Organizer Senses Group said “we have chosen a world hot topic UFO as a theme because we want to create opportunities to the designers and design students stimulated by counter cultural ideas to think beyond conventional boundaries like an extraterrestrial life”. Outstanding UFO graphic, illustration, 3D, and video from the Visitors Extraterrestrial Design Contest were displayed in the exhibition party, and the award-winners were announced by 5 well-known design practitioners at that night.


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